Our Mandate

Private Equity

Focussed on growth stage companies with demonstrable product market fit, proven revenue models, and reasonable barriers to entry.

Venture Capital

Targeting investments from Seed Stage to Series B with a particular emphasis on technology and innovation.


Investing in growth opportunities seeking to list publicly on the ASX, TSX, Nasdaq, and AIM markets within 12-18 months.

Listed Equities

Sector agnostic investment thesis, targeting micro and small cap opportunities primarily in Australia and the US.

Managed Funds

Seeking to develop long term relationships with investment managers with highly specialised mandates, and deep sector experience.


Actively seeking opportunities in short term first mortgage lending, construction debt financing, fixed interest and decentralised finance.

Special Situations

Turn-arounds and recapitalisations of businesses that need to pivot from existing business models, with new management strategies.

Digital Assets

Actively investing in blockchain and DAG projects, decentralised finance opportunities, gaming and NFTs.

About us

Our strength lies in our global network, and active investment approach.

Based in Sydney Australia, Sentor Investments seeks opportunities to invest in high growth companies with aspirations to expand internationally via a mixture of organic growth, M&A activity and/or through strategic partnerships. We are sector agnostic, with a focus on emerging markets. We are generally active investors, and seek to assist our portfolio companies in any way we can.

Sentor Investments has a strong belief in the importance of open and constructive communication, and strong relationships between the founders, the executive team, and the investors. We seek opportunities where the combination of the above appears to be a good fit.

Why us

We add value, we bring a global network and we support our deals at each level of the journey

We are patient investors, and tend to take a medium-to-long term view regarding investment opportunities. Having founded and grown a number of companies, taking them from inception to exit, we have considerable operational experience. We understand the immense challenges associated with first proving up an idea, then demonstrating product-market fit, and then scaling a company, so we are realistic with our expectations, and supportive with our approach.

Wherever possible, we like to focus on investing in those companies where we can clearly identify a strategic fit within our network.

Investment Focus

We seek investment opportunities that deliver outsized returns.


We ae seeking companies led by experienced, passionate founders & executive teams with the right balance of incentives.


Ideally, we would like to see deep sector expertise, strong industry networks and a clearly defensible value proposition.


Building a business is never easy. We actively seek opportunities where the passion and commitment of the founding team is evident.


What is stopping the next company from simply replicating your business? What are the clear barriers to entry?

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